Terms and Conditions


In these conditions of hire;

(a) The ‘Owner” is Collezione Elio Roma Pty Ltd trading as ‘’Glow Parties’’.

(b) The “Hirer “is the person or company hiring the equipment and agrees to these terms and conditions of hire.

(c) “Equipment” unless a contrary intention appears, includes all goods and party hire articles supplied by the Owner to the Hirer for a fee pursuant to these terms and conditions.

(d) “Off Hire Nb” is the number given to the Hirer when the Hirer notifies the owner in writing or by phone that the Equipment is available for return and the location at which it shall be available

(e) The “Period of Hire” shall Commence on the date and time agreed for a period of no longer than 1 day unless agreed upon in writing.

(f) All prices quoted on the website are a hire price for products.


Terms and Conditions

  1. The hirer enters into a contract and agrees and accepts the terms and conditions from the date they make a booking with Owner.
  2. The person/and or company who has made the booking is liable for all payments of the hire. A 50% deposit is payable at time of booking, with balance owing on or before delivery of the equipment.
  3. Payment can be made by EFT, credit card (Visa & Mastercard only which incur 2% surcharge fee) or cash. Cash is the only payment accepted on the day of hire and the correct money should be available. If the cash is not available on delivery Owner reserves the right to charge the credit card provided at the time of the booking.
  4. Owner will request credit card details or a cash bond to cover for any damages, theft, cancellations, cleaning or inability to access the equipment to picked up at the agreed time. By making a booking the Hirer agrees and authorises the Owner to use the credit card to be charged in the case the equipment is lost, damaged, stolen, requires cleaning or is unavailable to be picked up.
  5. Cancelled bookings incur a 50% non-refundable cancellation fee inside a 2-week period from the event date.
  6. A full refund will be given if event needs to be cancelled due to Covid Lockdown and the event can not take place.
  7. Owner will not be liable if for some reason beyond their control they are unable to deliver or supply the goods to be hired, however will provide a full refund to the Hirer.
  8. Once the Hirer takes possession of the equipment for the hire period, he takes full responsibility of the equipment and will be held liable for any damages caused through theft, vandalism or damage caused by weather.
  9. Goods must be picked up from Owner on the day of the hire and returned the following morning by 10am unless agreed otherwise. If Owner is delivering/picking up the goods to the Hirer (at a charge of $50 per pick up/delivery), then they will be delivered within 2hours of the agreed party time hire and picked up the following morning by 10am or at a time otherwise agreed upon. Hire is for one day only unless agreed in writing otherwise, failure to return the equipment or inability for the Owner to access the equipment for pick up will incur a daily charge for the equipment for any days beyond the agreed hire period. The Hirer agrees to pick up the goods, or to have someone available to accept the goods if being delivered at the agreed time. Any delayed times can incur a charge.
  10. The Hire does not include the Owner setting up the equipment/goods for the Hirer, however this service can be provided at an additional agreed upon fee.
  11. The Hirer assumes proper knowledge in the operation and handling of the equipment and follows OH&S policies and does not hold Owner responsible for any injury caused to themselves or others whilst setting up any equipment.
  12. We take no responsibility if the equipment cannot be used due to bad weather, if weather damages our equipment the Hirer will be responsible for any damages or losses.
  13. If the hire includes Owner delivering the goods to the Hirer, and the Owner is unable to deliver due to extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain, hail, earthquake or matters unforeseen, the Owner will refund the deposit given to the Hirer.
  14. The Hirer must inspect the goods at delivery time or pick up to ensure the working order and condition of equipment and sign off. It is then assumed equipment was hired in acceptable and working condition. If any item is damaged the Hirer will pay 4times the hire price if the item in compensation to the Owner to replace the item.
  15. The Owner will take credit card details from the Hirer and be authorised to use to hold a bond four times the hire charge in case of loss, theft and/or damage of goods.
  16. The equipment always remains the property of Owner. The Hirer may not transfer this contract to another party without written consent of Owner.
  17. The laws of NSW shall govern this agreement. Venue for any legal proceedings brought in connection wit this contract shall be in NSW.
  18. Renter agrees to defend, indemnify, assume liability for and hold Owner harmless from any and all claims, demands, damages, losses, suits, proceedings, penalties, expenses or other liabilities including attorney fees and court costs, arising out of or resulting from the use of the equipment, regardless of the basis.
  19. The terms and conditions can only be amended by Owner.
  20. Any changes to this contract must be written and signed by both Hirer and Owner. Oral agreements are non-binding.
  21. It is assumed that on a receipt of a deposit for a hire of equipment by Owner, that the Hirer has read and accepted this contract and terms and conditions.
  22. All prices listed are to hire equipment/items only and not for purchase unless otherwise specified.

Cancellation Fee

  • 48 hours 100% non refundable
  • 7 days 50% non refundable
  • 14 days 20% non refundable  (except December & New Years Eve Non-Refundable)
  • 30 days or greater fully refundable (except December & New Years Eve period 50% refundable)

Delivery fee not included. Delivery can be arranged for $50 delivery and $50 pick up.